Brandice Smith and Koot


It is with great delight, I have had my time in the limelight. I now wish to transition to helping others – and, have my own growth experiences. I became eager to explore and join in the equine assisted self-discovery that is sooooo possible through these amazing beings (horses that is). As a bonus, Koot is now happily retired from the show pen, however, is very willing to excel at his new job – still demanding, just not as physical.  He has completed his Certified Therapy Horse training.  I am confident that he and I as individuals can/will make a difference – but possibly as a team be absolutely amazing!  

Equine Career

At age 6, I pestered my mom to the point of not just indulging me in riding lessons, but also into my first horse. As my abilities strengthened quickly, so did my drive for more competitive horses. By the age of 15, I had 4 horses, one of which we sold to the Mexican Olympic Team and he went on to show in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.     Due to significant injuries from riding, I left the horse world for 20+ years. At age 40, having been afforded the ability to retire, I reconnected with my love of horses and passion to compete. I took up a new discipline, Reining, and eventually added Ranch Horse, Speed Events, Cows, and Halter… but please don’t tell anybody about the Halter!   In a short 7 years, my one horse, Koot, took me to the top. Each year we competed exceeded the previous. Racking up AQHA points, NRHA winnings, numerous year-end buckles, plaques and bronzes, and qualifying for the AQHA World and other Club Championship Shows several times over.  

Executive Career

Diversified Business Services, Inc. (“DBS”). At the age of 17 (graduated high school at 16), I worked diligently – and loved almost every minute! I served as gopher, receptionist, graphic designer, office manager, client liaison, property manager, business coordinator, and sales manager. Over the 22 years I successfully managed more than 1,000,000 square feet  (of our own and hired as property managers) of executive office space, hired and managed in excess of 100 employees, cultivated 1000’s of business enterprises into our full-service real estate structure (many of them Fortune 100 companies), and grew our company to 500,000 square feet in Orange and San Diego Counties.