Equine Therpay

 Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)  is  an experiential non-judgmental process, led by a team of two highly trained professionals, that allows for an opportunity for change to occur more quickly than in traditional office sessions.  We frequently utilize Expressive Arts Therapies including painting, drumming, and the use of symbols to the sessions to deepen the therapeutic experience and meet every client where they are at. EAP is therapy in action. Participants go beyond the office and spring into action, exploring patterns and creating solutions. During an EAP session the individuals  will engage in ground activities with one or more horses depending on location. 

 What does EAP help with?
Individuals have the opportunity through this work to increase insight, rediscover their authentic self, recognize and change behavior patterns, deepen understanding of relationships, address addictions, work as a team, strengthen group cohesion, resolve conflict, strengthen leadership skills, increase emotional regulation, work through trauma, increase confidence and self-esteem, work through fears and anxiety, increase coping tools, and much more. The opportunities for healing, growth, and recovery are endless

Why we use horses?
Horses are prey animals and rely on their instincts for survival. Their sole goal in life is to survive as a herd. They rely on their instincts for survival which make them experts at reading non-verbal communication as well as sensing emotions. They provide instant feedback by mirroring patterns, emotions, and relationships of individuals in session.  Horses live in the present moment and can offer great teachings about how to experience what is going on in this moment. Horses offer an opportunity for healing, growth, connection, self-exploration and so much more.

Individual and Family Sessions 1 hour $150

Group Sessions depend on location and group size Typically 1.5 hours but can be up to 3 hours

Team building for businesses and corporations.  Please contact us for rates.