Integrative Healing


Sound Therapy

Sound therapy sessions are for groups and individual. During session we play 1-2 gongs along with crystal quartz singing bowls that are aligned with the chakra's. "It affects the physical nervous system, not just hearing it through the ears, but the sensation of feeling it on the skin. Sound travels and the body picks up sound.   The gong heals the parasympathetic nervous system -- the resting, digesting nervous system, which typical modern day people don’t nurture much. They’re always in fight or flight. People say it helps them handle life better, to be more relaxed. It trains their nervous system to easily be able to get back into the space of peace."- 

Attend our meditation sound healing Friday nights $15 donation. In Santa Ana at Huntington Beach Reiki

Individual Rate $120 / hour Group $200 per hour 


Integrative Healing Sessions

 Connect with your soul and give yourself permission to heal. During our healing work we use an integrative approach, combining various spiritual practices and energy work. During groups and sessions our healing practitioners may use breath work, Reiki, Shamanism, guided visualization, meditation, sound healing, cord cutting, verbal processing, mantras, drumming, burn and release, ceremonial practices, journey's, and essential oils. We will work with each individual to create a healing environment that meets your specific needs and comfort level. These are not therapy sessions. 

Session Rate $130-150  1 hour to 1.5 hour session. 


Healing with Horses

Our healing with horses sessions offer you an opportunity to work along side horses for the purpose of healing and personal growth. These sessions are primarily ground work. During these sessions you may experience greater sense of connection, insight into yourself and your life path, increased awareness of your body language and emotional processing and healing. During these sessions you may participate in drumming, movement, meditation, creative process, and support. 

Individual sessions available $200/per session