Integrative Therapy


We specialize in working with people who are interested in deepening their connection to themselves and others, exploring and connecting to spirituality, reconnecting to their authentic self, and seeking a greater sense of inner peace. Our therapy team is highly trained in trauma informed therapies. We work with people of all ages, those who have experienced trauma, couples seeking a deeper connection, people experiencing depression and anxiety, the LGBTQ population, and people who find themselves at a crossroads in their life journey. 

How Do We Help?

We use an integrative approach to therapy combining various healing and spiritual practices to our work. During groups and sessions our therapists may use breath work, guided visualization and journey's, meditation, sound healing, verbal processing, mantras, drumming, burn and release, and essential oils. We will work with each individual to create a healing environment that meets your specific needs and comfort level.

Therapy Groups

We offer a selection of experiential expressive groups  We facilitate Equine Assisted Therapy and Equine Assisted Healing, Art Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness, and Trauma Therapy.   

Individual Sessions $120 per hour

Groups Please contact for current rate