Our Therapy Horses

Sassy Blue


Sassy is a blue roan born in 2012. She came to us in 2015 where she began training to become our first Therapy Horse. Her favorite things are scratches, massages, and treats! She enjoys drumming and essential oils. 



Hildago was donated to us in 2017 at 20 years old. He is a paint. He is a gentle giant and loves being with people, making new horsey friends, getting scratches, and having his human friends hug and love him. He is currently working with Walk Intuit as a Therapy Horse. 



Karma is a 15 year old mare who has recently joined our team. She is owned by our team member Robyn LeAnn. She  has been owned and ridden by twin girls, as well as worked as a therapeutic riding horse. Karma is a sweet girl and loves her new job! She is currently part of our Newport Academy team!



We purchased Spartan in October of 2017. He was in rough shape but we saw his potential and a twinkle in his eye. He is working with adolescents and loving his new job and his new life! 



Lux is a curious character. He is 10 years old Dressage trained horse, donated by our very own Monica Provence. He is learning boundaries and enjoying all the people who come and see him for healing! He is working as a Therapy Horse in San Juan Capistrano. 

Want to Help?



We are currently looking for sponsors to cover monthly horse board and feed which total about $850 per horse. We have 2 horses at the Rancho Sierra Vista Stable currently that need sponsors. Sassy Blue and Lux. If you commit to a monthly donation of $300 or more we will put a plaque on the stall with your name on it recognizing the sponsorship. 

Horse Care


We provide our horses with top of the line care. They are all treated with love and kindness. They work hard to provide healing for victims of trauma and need time and care to recharge. If you would like to make a monthly donation to their care, they receive chiropractic, massage, energy work, hoof trimmings and some have shoes, and dental care. 



We are in need of a tall horse trailer for 4 horses. Horse tack, extra boots for clients and horse shoes for dream catchers. If you are someone who provides one of the listed horse care services and would like to donate your time please contact us!