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The Retreat Experience

 Healing is a MIND BODY SPIRIT SOUL process. As any one of these elements of self experiences, hears, and learns of something, it is crucial for there to be time to integrate into the wholeness of one’s being the healing so that it can become a living, felt experience and truly owned by the person.  This is where healing, and not just experiencing, begins.  So much of our lives are spent in disjointed time fragments, living in our intellect and disconnected from our bodies, that we rarely have the chance to integrate and experience what it actually feels like when we make a shift.  This disconnected process sets up situations where we often miss the settling in of the healing process that would allow us to recognize it again, when we are able to either a) repeat it and recognize we did what we wanted to for that healing or b) when we are not doing it and are in fact returning to old unhealthy patterns and behaviors. 

During the Retreat and Journey experience we may explore and experience:

  • Breath work
  • Meditation
  • Connect to self, group, and the space around us
  • The masks we wear-  Exploring the integration of our whole selves. 
  • Who am I? Belief Systems Spirituality
  • Healing Letting go of the old, making space for the new
  • Self awareness 
  • Drum circles
  • Hiking, moving, sitting in nature- Nature is a teacher

These are examples of healing therapeutic processes that will be used to explore one’s self on a 2-4 day retreat with Walk Intuit.  There are no right or wrong ways to experience one of these retreats.  The retreat will best serve you if you arrive with a willing and open heart, mind, and spirit, ready to explore and discover.  These retreats are an opportunity to walk into your own self exploration while being part of a community that sees and holds you while you see and hold others.  We are all our own unique self, on our own personal journey, nestled with others, connected to, influencing and being influenced by, the whole of all that we are surrounded by.   

Retreats are offered to Treatment Centers, business's, corporations, as well as general community.

Please contact us for prices and availability.