Walk Intuit Inc. A Non-profit offering a safe place to heal.

Address: 27128A Paseo Espada Ste 1522

San Juan Capistrano CA 92675

Phone: 323-806-6675 / 480-773-0732

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New Classes are Starting

Tai Chi


Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 PM 

With Kern at our San Juan Location

Meditation Sound Healing


Mondays 7-8:30pm @San Juan Location

Fridays 12-1 @San Juan Location 

Friday 7-8:30 PM  @Huntington Beach Reiki



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“Honoring the individual while being held in community”



“Honoring the individual while being held in community”

We have outgrown the various locations we have been working out of since 2015, and it is TIME FOR OUR NEW PERMANENT HOME!


We are currently looking for 2-3 acres in South Orange County (Laguna Hills or San Juan Capistrano) that can be used for retreats, healing, and community events.  It will also provide a permanent home for Walk Intuit's horses and the caretakers of the property, Gretchen Crilly McKay and Jessica Mathon

  • A main house with 3-5 bedroom for retreat participants
  • Spaces within the house for workshops, meetings, healing sessions, shamanic training 
  • Horse space for 4+ horses
  • 2-3 acres of land to create healing gardens, meditation and journeying space; space for a yurt as a working space connected to nature
  • Guest house as a living space for the care-takers


Welcome to Walk Intuit

Our Mission

 Walk Intuit is a 501(c)3 Non profit focused on healing trauma.  We work from the individual, family,community, Global, ancestral, and Earth perspective.  We believe in an holistic approach that incorporates aspects of mind, body, and spirit. Our journey has led us to a place where we believe that being held in a safe community space is fundamental to healing. Our healing center offers  practitioners and therapists who are highly trained and utilize sound, nature, horses, therapy, yoga, Shamanic Practices, Spirit, and energy work for healing.  

We Are Your Community

 This journey started with an idea that there has to be better way to hold people in community. While spending time in Africa during the genocide Jessica Mathon learned about how to hold space, to hear people, and to hold people just as they are in community. She came back to the US and looked around at how we treat people who are suffering. And so began the journey that led us to Walk Intuit. Into a space of following our own intuition. A space where we held people in community. We choose to authentically show up for people who needed healing, people who needed to be seen. Walk Intuit is about offering the best care possible, honoring each individual, while being held in community. Welcome home. Welcome to Walk Intuit  

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