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 Walk Intuit is a 501(c)3 Non profit focused on healing trauma from the individual, family, ancestral, community, Global, and Earth perspective.    

We work with Therapists, yoga, sound, Nature ,horses, Shamanic Practitioners, Spirit, healers, and energy workers in our healing.  

What We Are Looking For 

We currently work out of multiple spaces  and have been looking for our own place to call home.  This would include: A house with 3-5 rooms (for retreats, workshops, therapy/ healing sessions), horse space for up to 5 horses, land to create healing gardens, meditation and journeying space, and room for a Yurt.  It would also have a caretakers house on it. We have looked at several potential properties in the San Juan Capistrano area - they DO exist! 

 As a non profit, we are looking for donors that are interested in a tax write off (as a 501(c)3 non profit, donations are tax deductible 100%) and are interested in supporting our work.   Walk Intuit's own property would continue to support this amazing work as well as it would provide us and the horses with a stable long term home.

Thank you for supporting your community healing! 

Therapy and Healing

 The Walk Intuit team consists of highly trained therapists, equine specialists, and healers who are dedicated to helping others find their way on the journey towards becoming aligned with their authentic self. We specialize in equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted healing, helping those affected by trauma, assisting people on their spiritual path towards their authentic self, addiction and eating disorders. We provide EMDR, Equine therapy, Sound therapy, Trauma Therapy and Healing sessions. 


We offer healing retreats for people in treatment and for the community. Our focus is to provide healing from trauma so that you can move through your life with a greater connectivity to your authentic self.  Our approach is to offer mind body and spirit healing. We strive to bring communities together, to create community where there is none, and to provide people with the tools they need to continue to foster a sense of community in their own lives. 


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