"Grateful to have a gathering like this available." -Cindi 

"Walk Intuit retreat greatly exceeded my expectations.  It was by far the best retreat I have been to.  The setting, the therapists, the activities all contributed to a very healing experience. I walked away with a deeper spiritual connection and inner peace.  I highly recommend it." -Katie 

" Amazing people! I'm grateful I got the opportunity to participate in this therapy. It has aided my addiction recovery by getting in touch with myself and nature. I highly recommend it. " -M.W.

"The different approach to things they have is awesome. Helped me tons! I appreciate the gals so much, they genuinely care about the people they work with." -D.D.

"Had so much fun,learned a lot about myself through Equine therapy.The staff is outstanding,very caring and knowledgeable.I would definitely recommend this wonderful experience to others to see for themselves how life changing it really is.Thank you so much ladies for all you have taught me.You're amazing! " -H.A.

"Great experience; I learned a great deal about myself in a very short period of time. I can't wait to go to another meet-up."-Jan 

"Really fun & meaningful time with the horses, in nature, & with horse people." -Erin 

"Equine Therapy was so healing. I was able to move through a lot of past trauma working with the horses. It was so peaceful and calming I really would recommend this therapy for anyone dealing with any kind of trauma."  -S.A.

" Walk Intuit are life changers. Their therapists understand how to help you better understand yourself to help with a positive shift. I learned how to cope with my true self mentally and spiritually through equine therapy and their camping trips. I personally see Walk Intuit as my spiritual guidance through a sometimes frustrating world. I have learned how to accept, understand, love and to be loved through these health retreats and I can say that I now feel free " -R.A.

"Equine Therapy was a voluntary class to take at Luminance, the recovery center I was in.  Iiitially thought this would be incredibly stupid, and an absolute waste of time.

I was 100% wrong.  The experience was amazingly incredible.  We were told the horses were very intuitive, and I quickly discovered

that myself.
Dealing with both PTSD and the opiate addiction that came with it, my thoughts and feelings, and my energy output were all negative.  And based on the exercise we were doing,  the horse I had chosen reacted negatively.
About to give up, I cleared my mind and tried my best to find peace, and for the first time that afternoon, the horse did a total about face, and the exercise took an unexpected and life changing turn.  From that moment on, I knew I had to face the horrors of my past if I were to have a future.
The horses, and the incredible staff, at Intuit are simply amazing.  If you put your all in it, you will walk out of the therapy with a new insight.
The staff are caring and compassionate, and clearly love what they are doing.  They will listen if you want to talk.  They will allow you to be as open or as quiet as you wish.
I cannot recommend Intuit and the Equine Therapy enough.  What I experienced there is a story I share to this day, now a month shy of a year since I was there.
I promise you, if you enter the therapy with Intuit with an open mind, your life will be altered in ways that you never thought possible." -K.D.