Jessica Mathon LMFT

About me

Jessica Mathon, LMFT 84884        323-806-6675
My personal work with shamanic practices combined with a lifetime of human and wildlife observation and academic studies has deepened my own personal journey and allowed me to work at a deeper more spirit based level with my clients.   I practice and use mindfulness, visualization, meditation, creative expression,  physical movement, and nature to connect to and build on this connection for  recovery, health, and well being.  I have  spent my life around horses and find great joy in working with clients in the arena with these animals that are experts at non judgmental, in the moment connection and healing.

Clinical Education and Experience

I graduated with a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles in 2010.  I have worked with adolescents and adults recovering from trauma, struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, PTSD. I am a trained EMDR therapist.  I have worked in community clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and in private practice, and in the horse  arena with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy since 2010. 


I am EAGALA certified as both Mental Health and Horse professional.  EAGALA is the leading Equine Therapy training in the world, requiring that all its mental health providers are licensed professionals. I am trained in working with victims of sexual abuse. I have training in Trauma focused Yoga.  I have lived and worked internationally in communities impacted by war, genocide, and AIDS epidemics.